Kirk Frameworks Co.

Since 1989 the design and building of ever-better bicycles has been the thing that motivates me out of bed, and to my work bench, five days a week. In 2003 I launched my own one-man company, Kirk Frameworks, to allow me to continue to work toward the ideal bike.

I feel just as strongly about providing professional customer service as I do about making a bike fit, ride and look as it should – this means calls and emails are returned and delivery deadlines are met. I like to think of my work as a blend of science and art and at the same time I’m not in any way a temperamental artist who only works on your bike when the mood strikes me. I am a full time professional framebuilder and this has been my focus for decades.

I build bikes in small numbers and each bike is made-to-measure and this allows me to really get to know the person I’m building for…and this in turn allows me to make the bike truly fulfill the owner’s wants and needs.

I hope you will stop into my booth to say hello, look at a few examples of my work, and talk about bikes and riding them.


Bikes & Products
Kirk – JK Special road bike.:

This lugged JKS road racer is built up with Campy Record and HED wheels.

Kirk JK Special Road bike.:

The JK Special road bike is named after my father John Kirk who sadly passed away when I was young but not before he assembled the coolest bike a young boy could have. I won’t use this space to tell you the story but if you are interested I urge you to read about it here on my website –

Here’s a very recent example of a JKS in its natural habitat.

Kirk Fillets with Pegoretti paint.:

This is a very special project built and painted as the client’s homage to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a fillet brazed frame with curved Terraplane seat stays and special paint done by my friend Dario Pegoretti. You can see the calling-out of the bridge design features in Dario’s paint and how well it matches the bridge itself. A huge thanks to Franco for commissioning the work and for Dario for his stellar paint work.

Kirk Fillet Fat Bike.:

A fillet brazed Fat Bike on the snow in its natural habitat high in the Bridger mountains Bozeman Montana. Frosty ice-blue paint by the one and only Joe Bell.

Kirk JK Special wide-road.:

This is a JK Special designed to fit 30+mm road tires for use on both paved and unpaved roads. It’s built with HED wheels and Shimano Di2 drivetrain.