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Sklar – Rohloff Fat Bike:

This custom steel fat bike was built for a bozeman local who wanted something to hop on and ride no matter what the conditions were. Topped off with components from Paul, Thomson, Hunter and Rohloff, this bike is ready to tackle it all!

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Custom Sklar steel fat bike rohloff Custom Sklar steel fat bike rohloff Custom Sklar steel fat bike rohloffCustom Sklar steel fat bike rohloff

Sklar – Grace’s Fat Bike:

This fun fatty is headed down to Durango, CO to play in the snow!

The geometry is a little more on the comfortable side of things for easy cruising, and dialed in specifically for snow riding. Set up with the 4″ Van Helga’s, but 4.8’s will fit fine. The Large 46T XT cassette makes for a huge range of gears for a 1x – which is especially rad for this snow machine.

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Sklar – 27.5+ Long Travel Trail Bike:

This 27.5+ Mountain bike was built for serious trail duty in the Colorado hills. The owner was looking for something that a little more pedal-able on long all day rides that would still rally rugged trails and be fun and flickable. I just wish I had one of my own!

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sklar-custom-275-plus-12 sklar-custom-275-plus-1 sklar-custom-275-plus-2 sklar-custom-275-plus-3 sklar-custom-275-plus-4 sklar-custom-275-plus-5 sklar-custom-275-plus-6 sklar-custom-275-plus-7 sklar-custom-275-plus-8 sklar-custom-275-plus-9 sklar-custom-275-plus-10  sklar-custom-275-plussklar-custom-275-plus-11sklar-custom-275-plus-12

Sklar – Custom 29+ Mountain Bike:

– Sklar Bikes Custom Built 29+ Singlespeed Mountain Bike – 

There is something super rad about a rigid 29 plus bike with a dropper post that makes you feel like a little kid. This custom mountain bike is no exception. Headed to  Portland, OR, this ripper will take whatever Blane throws at it.

After nearly ten years on the same bike, this customer needed an upgrade to something that could do it all. He settled on a hard tail with plus size tires to keep things running smooth and simple. The plus size tires add loads of comfort and traction as well. This is the bike to hop on out the front door and point it in any direction he cares to explore. Just as confident on rugged singletrack, or bombing hills on a neighborhood trail cruise, this bike is up for it all.

American made Velocity Dually’s laced to the very best Industry Nine hubs, pair with components from Chris King, Enve and Twenty6 Products to top off this great  custom mountain bike build.

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Sklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed          Sklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed          Sklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed mountain bike          Sklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed mountain bikeSklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed mountain bike      Sklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed mountain bike     Sklar custom 29+ plus bike single speed mountain bike

Sklar – Singlespeed Cyclocross Bike:

This Single Speed Cyclocross (or SSCX) race bike was built as one of six team bikes headed to the single speed cyclocross world championships in Portland, OR.

The lightweight TrueTemper steel frame weighs in at just over 4 lbs and is complimented by a painted-to-match ENVE disc fork. Custom-anodized parts from Paragon Machine Works top of the build. A fun, fast, capable cross bike that can be run with flat bars or drops, single speed or geared… If that is your thing.

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Sklar – All Road Cyclocross Bike:

Words by Adam Sklar

This Bike is awesome.

When I moved to Montana I was a mountain biker. As in, I didn’t touch those skinny tired bikes. But it didn’t take me long to figure out how awesome a cross bike was for cruising around the endless dirt roads we have here in Montana. This is especially vital during our long muddy season when the weather starts to turn nice, but the trails still have a few months of drying before they are rideable. Anyway, before long I found myself out on a cyclocross course in the fall and I was hooked there too.

This bike is a real do-anything-er. While it will spend lots of time on  long, all day gravel grinders, it is also the perfect ride for some post-work sessions of mixed road, dirt, gravel and single track. And of course, it will also get thrashed in some cross races come fall.

Notable highlights are the lightweight Sklar Frame and Fork with 142×12 rear, 100×15 front, Reynolds ATR wheelset and SRAM Force CX1 group.

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Photos by John Watson

Sklar – 27.5+ Trail Bike:

Plus bikes are FUN, and this one is no exception.

650b plus has gained immense popularity over the last year. Their 29″ outside diameter makes them familiar to many trail riders these days, and with component manufacturers releasing more and more options, getting exactly what you want out of this platform is easier every day.

This customer in particular wanted something simple, confidence inspiring, and fun for day rides mostly near home. While high volume tires provide velcro-like traction on the trail, a short rear end geometry and aggressive stance keep this bike incredibly nimble where needed with unmatched stability and predictability on the front end.

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Sklar – 29er Bikepacking Adventure Bike:

This Sklar 29er mountain bike frame was custom built for a local Bozeman rider. Designed specially for high volume 29er tires on a wide profile rim, the bike will be a super fun all around mountain bike and shine fully loaded on multi-day bike packing adventures.

The frame set features Sklar’s signature ovalized top tube design and a tapered steel fork with Sklar’s BMX style dropouts and brake post mounts. Different mounting points allow for carrying all the soft bags and cages you could need on long multi-day trips, or just riding from home. The geometry is tailored towards big days in the saddle, but keeps the descents fun, stable and responsive for this tall rider. If he ever feels like he needsit, a 130mm travel suspension fork will easily swap out.

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